Instagram Analytics: How to Access and Analyze Data on the Social Network

Instagram Analytics

Instagram Analytics: How to Access and Analyze Data on the Social Network

Social networks are one of the sales channels that can be explored to scale any business. Creating good Instagram marketing strategies is an excellent way to optimize your results. In addition to investing in content production, it is essential to move on to more advanced analysis through Instagram Analytics.

This native functionality of the platform allows access to various metrics relating to all publications made on this social network. Data such as reach, impressions, engagement, and comments, for example, are highlighted through this tool.

What is Instagram Analytics?

Instagram Analytics is a tool for analyzing data collected on Instagram. This feature allows users of this network to access complete information about their profile, providing data related to posts made.

Furthermore, there is detailed content regarding followers, such as their location, number of clicks on the profile, and other data that can be used to develop Digital Marketing strategies.

This tool is also available for business profiles, known as Instagram for Business. This metric type is essential for the company to learn more about its audience and, consequently, its consumers.

Through Instagram Analytics, a corporation can check which posts have the highest engagement, which city followers live in, and their content preferences. This helps when optimizing your profile and offering content that your audience demands.

How to access Instagram Analytics?

Accessing this tool is just a few clicks away. This means that, from your smartphone, you can access all the information through the Instagram mobile application.

It is worth noting that this feature is only intended for profiles classified as business, that is, those who have defined the use of the account as commercial or related to content creation work. For a personal profile, this modality is not available.

But don’t worry; you don’t need to delete your profile and start everything from scratch, as Instagram allows you to migrate from one type of account to another.

After adjusting the settings to take over a business account, you have your profile ready to check your metrics on your smartphone. To monitor the tool’s data, access the top right menu and click the “Information” tab.

This topic should take the user to the Instagram Analytics home page, with access to the Content, Activity, and Audience tabs.

Through them, it is possible to monitor several fundamental indicators to understand the performance of your marketing strategies.

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What analysis can be done?

Now that you know what Instagram Analytics is and how to access it, it’s time to understand what can be analyzed in this tool. To help in this regard, we have prepared its main features. Check out!


Have you ever considered having a place to observe all your publications in a given period and collect relevant information, with the potential to improve Marketing strategies on this social network? In the “Overview” tab, this is possible.

You can check the primary data about publications, promotions, and stories on the platform through it. This way, you can optimize your planning to increase your reach and grow on Instagram.


Here, you will find data related to the activities carried out on your profile without considering the direct actions in the posts that were made. For example, you can obtain the number of visits on your profile in interactions.

However, at this stage, there is little valid data, as the origin of the traffic is not known. Therefore, it is challenging to determine strategies based on the information obtained regarding interactions.

It is still possible to find out how many clicks occurred on the website you left in your bio, that is, that link that takes the user from your Instagram page to another one you want. This information can be used to identify whether your biography is persuasive or not.

Additionally, you can use the Discover tab to understand how many people reached you when exploring Instagram. This allows you to determine whether the use of hashtags and locations is helping to attract more visits to the profile.


If you want to start using this tab to analyze some characteristics of your audience, you will need at least 100 followers on your Instagram page. Through it, you understand more about the people who follow the profile.

With this information, you can understand whether the audience following your posts corresponds to the persona designed and, therefore, is ideal for you or whether adjusting your strategies to reach who you want is necessary.

In addition to location, Instagram Analytics provides other important information such as gender, audience growth, and age of individuals following your page. It is still possible to analyze the time and days when your audience is most active on the platform. This way, you can use this data to improve engagement and sell more on Instagram.


If you want to know how a specific publication performed, this Instagram Analytics tab can help. Through it, you obtain data relating to what happened in your posts in the last seven days.

Additionally, it compares the performance of your publications from the current week with a previous one. With this, you understand whether the actions taken gave better or worse results comparatively.

There, you will find information about posts made in the feed, Stories, and promotions carried out through advertisements with Facebook Ads.

This way, you can boost publications that achieve good organic results to gain more followers for your page.

Additionally, you can use this information to review whether the type of content is working. In other words, it is possible to improve the tone of voice and the frequency of publications and make your page more attractive.


This tab is accessed through the publications you make in Stories. To find it, drag it up. After that, it opens and brings various information that you can use.

Thus, you have data on how many accounts were reached by the post made in Stories, how many times the post was seen, and how many individuals interacted with it in some way, whether with responses, through polls, or another option.

Furthermore, there is a way to understand better whether your audience is receiving the publication. For example, you can identify how many people skipped stories before finishing or how many watched the entire story and the next one.

This way, you have enough information to analyze your publications in this vital tool made by Instagram.

What are the advantages of using this tool?

One of the main benefits of migrating to a business account is the possibility of monitoring the performance of each publication and how it impacts the public. See below the main advantages of having Instagram Analytics.

It equips you to get to know your followers better

As this tool provides information about gender, age group, and location, you already have a clear overview of your audience and a little more about their behavior on Instagram. This data produces a mutual benefit, allowing content production to align with the public’s fundamental interests.

As the persona is a fictitious creation of the potential customer, this information allows you to identify whether it was defined correctly. This way, the language adapts to the followers, and the solutions are more likely to be successful; after all, you can consult the public about their interests and needs.

Shows the reach of your posts

Instagram Analytics allows you to check the individual performance of each post. This means it is possible to compare your content and map those that generate the most interactions and comments from followers.

Such information is valuable for defining new publishing strategies. Another critical piece of information refers to the most active followers, showing the best time to post and stay relevant in the feed.

Indicates your audience’s behavior

Knowing how the public behaves on social networks and how they interact with your publications is extremely important to identify strengths and areas for improving your profile. Therefore, monitoring some engagement metrics, such as the number of likes, comments, saved posts, and other interactions, favors the development of this communication environment with followers.