Secrets about Dating Apps That Everyone Must Know

Dating App Secrets

Secrets about Dating Apps That Everyone Must Know

Life has become hectic, so everything has now been shifted to online; finding soulmates on the internet while sitting idle in the house has also become a trend. Since dating apps are introduced, people are attracted to them. The reason is that the dating apps are easy to use, and you do not need much effort to find the right person for you.

Dating apps have become popular all around the world. Besides so many benefits, there are some hidden secrets of dating apps which you may not know. Let’s have a look at some of these:

Fake Users:

When the app is brand-new, its users are the tech-industry people. Dating app developers organize a fake team or hire fake users that chat with the real ones and represent them as sincere males or females. Later these users expand by adding people who collaborate with the app known as ‘tech friends.’ They deceive people by chatting and engaging them for a specific time and then suddenly disappear.  It is done to increase the rating of the app so that more money can be earned.

Despite knowing that lies are cursed, fifty percent of online daters speak lies. They do not show their exact personality. They appear humble, down-to-earth, rich, and compromising as these are the highly demanded qualities. The continuity even never breaks here. They get attached to the targeted person for the sake of money or fulfillment of other intentions. They make promises that are never to be completed. They not only rob the targeted people but also disturb them mentally and mostly end up destroying their whole life.


On most dating apps, racism is at its peak. Usually, people with white complexion dehumanize the ones who possess darker complexions.

People on dating apps also judge each other ethnically. They follow the superstitions which their forefathers taught them. These beliefs can be related to one’s caste and religion. Black women receive fewer messages than women with fair complexion on OkCupid.


Most dating apps fail to find you a compatible person. As a result, you can be easily scammed. Fake users apply new and secret ways to rob those with a high amount of money. Spam and unsought messages can be expected as most apps like OkCupid offer free message tools, which means anyone can text you.

Romance scammers create fake profiles and build trust with their targets. Then they make up a story and demand money. A lot of users have been deceived through ‘romance scams’ on Tinder and OkCupid.

Body Shaming

People are highly judged on dating apps. Those who are physically attractive look with contempt at those who are not. So these apps become a source of stress and low confidence instead of soulmate finders.

Bumble, a dating app, says that 62 percent of its users complain that they received unbidden objectionable messages about their physical appearance.

 No Data Privacy

When you sign up for any dating app, you need to fill out your details. No matter what service you are using, whether a dating app or a website, it keeps your data and can share it with third-party services.  These apps can also give your data like chats, images to the government if it orders. Speaking of Tinder which is considered the best online dating app, it doesn’t have much data privacy.

Cyber Crimes

The Cyber Security of most dating apps does not reach the excellence level. Cyber criminals are often successful in ensuring the victims about their genuine long-term relationship. They use social and psychological techniques to convince the target. They do it so real that, at last, victims do what they are ordered, like handing over money and much more.

The Algorithm Designed To Earn Money

 This secret may hurt you a little, but the algorithms of most of the dating apps are indeed designed to earn money. Their priority is to generate money instead of helping people to find soulmates. So to make more money, they adopt clever ways to increase the users and use of the app.

Loss of Self Confidence

When ignored, harassed, tortured, or rejected, most people lose their self-esteem.  They lose self-confidence and think of themselves as failures. They build the concept in mind that they are not socially acceptable or they are not beautiful/handsome enough to be loved.

In a 2016 study, Tinder and the League users possessed lower self-esteem and more body image issues than non-users.

The Flush Dating App

Are you confused or worried after reading these secrets?  Relax! These secrets are not forbidding you to date online. We are introducing a much better dating app, ‘Flush.’ There are three main visions of this app:

Financial Compatibility

Whenever flush engages two people, it considers the financial details of both. Both should be financially stable. It matches the rich with rich and middle with middle. Not in between. Why? Because to live a good life, both people should have equal status so that one cannot suppress the other.


On most dating apps security of the users is not considered so important. On the other hand, the topmost goal of Flush is security so that scammers could not scam, and cybercrime risk remains very low. Flush provides you high security.


There is a powerful and complex method to sign up on Flush. You need to pass through the whole process where your identity is strictly checked. So no fake person can sign up for it.

Final Words:

Although dating apps are the approachable source to find the right person for you, this fact cannot be ignored that these apps have some serious bugs. After reading the secrets about these dating apps, you must consider switching to any other app. Flush is the best alternative. It gives importance to the security and identity of the user to reduce scams and cybercrimes. So you would not need to worry about your data and security when you are on Flush.